I am a proud Democrat, environmentalist, a community activist and I would be honored to serve you on the LA County Board of Supervisors.




Darrell Park literally wrote the book on solving some of the world’s toughest problems. He is the author of Better Than We Found It: Simple Solutions to Some of the World's Toughest Problems.

Darrell wrote this book using the insights he gained as a public servant, environmental entrepreneur and an educator. Darrell served two Presidents in the White House Office of Management and Budget where he played a role in the historic balancing of the federal budget four times. Since moving to Los Angeles County over a decade ago, he has divided his time between helping clean energy start-up companies (he has received patents in the areas of renewable energy and energy efficiency), teaching, and writing.

He is a graduate of Allegheny College, Georgetown University's Graduate Public Policy Program and Stanford University's Graduate School of Business. He and his wife are the proud parents of a young son.

Darrell Park for LA Supervisor

Let's Fix It!

I believe elected officials have a responsibility to make our community better and to solve problems.

When a public servant fails to meet this basic standard, it’s time to elect a new leader.

That’s why I am running for Los Angeles County board of Supervisors.

On our current Supervisor's watch:


Homelessness has risen in LA County by over 25% and last year the number of chronically homeless families in our District increased by a staggering 1,550%


Los Angeles County received a failing grade in air quality from the American Lung Association


LA County taxpayers will pay $7 million to the family of a man wrongfully killed by a “secret society” of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies 

The current Supervisor stated, “America needs President Donald Trump’s approach” and on Trump's inhuman treatment of immigrants she said, “I’m hoping tough love does it because obviously playing nice in the sandbox has done nothing”.

LA County residents deserve better. LET’S FIX IT!

As your Supervisor I will:

Convert 95% of County-owned passenger vehicles
to electric vehicles by 2023

Donate half of my salary to ending homelessness in LA County until 99% of our homeless are in safe, permanent, supportive housing

Immediately make all animal shelters no-kill shelters, 20,000 cats and dogs are being killed each year under the incumbent’s guard

Champion for Medicare for All

The Environment

Darrell Park for Supervisor

Proposed Green New Deal for LA County

Plant 100 million trees per year. Each resident gets to name 10 trees

Immediately ban fracking and waste water disposal from fracking

Immediately Shut down Aliso Canyon gas storage facility

Antelope valley operating on 100% renewable energy for electricity by end of 2025

Entire LA County operating on 100% renewable energy for electricity by 2030

All county investments are non-fossil fuel investments

Replace all county owned cars with electric vehicles by end of 2023

Free public transportation for all

No burning of fossil fuels by 2030

Annual environmental review of all wells in LA County

LA county zero waste County by 2027

Immediately ban poisonous methane gas from all new construction and remove it from all county run facilities by end of 2021

Ban single use plastics by end of 2025 And make LA County the world leader in packaging technology, material science, and reusability

Actively facilitate the creation thousands of new green energy businesses by ensuring a market for their Products and services

Use conversion of energy and transportation sectors to lift millions out of poverty and into the middle class in LA County while ensuring high paying clean energy opportunities for current dirty energy workers

Comprehensive 100 year water plan by end of 2022

My opponent supports Trump's inhumane immigration policies. She has failed to address problems like homelessness and the environment. It’s time to elect a new LEADER!

Darrell Park Image talking to voters

I want to help Darrell...

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To win this election, we need to get our positive message to voter’s mailboxes and inboxes, on the screens they watch, over their phones and at their doors.

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Establishing The Right Connections

Ending Corruption

To end rampant corruption and misspending, Darrell will implement the following:

Ban on helicopter rides, drivers and cars for supervisors and their staffs.

Ban on naming of any county owned property or facility including anything in CA by any supervisor until 5 years after they are deceased. This includes outside organizations receiving even a single dollar of county funds.

No advertising by any elected official using public funds within 8 months of an election.

EVERY contact with major polluter and major developers with County staff or contractors must be publicly announced and fully noted within 24 hours.

Technology and Government

County government needs to have technology that makes it easy and painless for residents to interact with it.

Darrell will:

Create the fastest internet network in the county at among the lowest cost including in rural areas of the county.

Implement a smartphone system that enables LA County residents to use their mobile device to complete most tasks with the county government.


LA County has the worst traffic in the country. Darrell will implement the following:

Free public transportation anywhere in LA County – reduces traffic by up to 9%.

Every bus will be a high-speed electric bus by 2023.

Creation of world’s fastest internet network to reduce need for long commutes.

Creation 100K smallish truly affordable housing units annually in walkable communities.

LA County will become world leader in autonomous driving to cut travel time by up to 30%.

Upcoming Campaign

I Keep My Promises

Let's improve our environment by investing in electric passenger vehicles, provide the homeless with safe, permanent & supportive housing, and reform our public safety & justice systems.

3/3/2020 Election Start Time:

Want more information about Darrell? Have ideas you want to share?


I hope to earn your vote by listening to your concerns. 

Our Board of Supervisors is not responding to our diverse neighborhoods.

Let's Fix It!



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